(CMA) Competative Market analysis

A CMA is one of the very best ways to see where a home stands in it’s own neighborhood. This lets people know what other similar homes are selling for and how long they were on the market. Depending on how detailed a person wants this analysis to be, there’s a plethora of information to be found in a competitive market analysis. These are a fantastic way to know how to price a home to sell.

keeping up with the market

It’s no secret that the real estate market is extremely similar to the stock market. Staying up to date with the housing market can play a huge role in maximizing a person’s profits. It can also give one a leg up during negotiations with the other party buying the home.



Presentation & marketing

Some of the best homes don’t sell the first time around. Many factors play into this, including poor presentation and not enough eyes on the property. The way a house is presented and the means in which it’s marketing can drastically improve someones odds of selling a home fast, for as much money possible.

Top of the Line Marketing.

 When selling a house, there is no doubt on how fast and far our marketing team can spread the word and get buyers interested very quickly.

Recently sold 2019. Pueblo West, 81007

Recently sold 2019. Pueblo West, 81007

This homeowner tried to sell once and failed before Darec took over a few months later. After walking though the home, it became clear that selling this property would be far from easy. There was a ton of deferred maintenance and most people were turned off as soon as they walked through the door. Despite the unfair odds, our marketing had people swarming to this spacious beauty! From there we hammered in the value of this fixer upper in a rapidly growing pueblo west community and sold the property quicker than average.

YTD Average Days on Market

Doing it right the first time

 Whether preparing for, or resolving the inspection objection. Maybe even just wanting to make your house look more presentable. Finding the right contractors who actually show up and do a good job can be tricky and costly. Trust our network to take care of this, while still keeping you included every step of the way.

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